Keep Your Energy Levels Up During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

You’re through the first twelve weeks of pregnancy and you’re now ready to tell the world that you’re expecting. Any morning sickness or tiredness you felt during the first trimester has gone – helped by taking PregmaPlus+ 1 supplements daily of course – and you’re looking forward to what the next twelve weeks are going to bring and developing the ‘pregnancy glow’ that everyone talks about. 

While tiredness and energy slumps are most commonly experienced during the first and third trimesters, there are still plenty of significant changes occurring during the second trimester, such as the continuing development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord and the growth of their bones, so it’s just as important as ever to keep up with the ever-growing nutritional demands!

Did You Know That Your Nutritional Requirements Can Increase By 150% During Pregnancy? 

Yes, that’s right. Your body is going through significant changes as your pregnancy advances and you continue to nurture your baby to term.

During the 2nd and 3rd trimester you’ll start to notice your tummy expanding and developing into a pregnancy bump. You’ll probably also start to feel more hungry as your baby grows more rapidly. Your body now needs more calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D and DHA to support this growth and help you to stay strong and healthy, together with increased levels of iron to give you more energy to meet the growing demands of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. You’ll also need extra vitamin B1 to help your body to convert carbs into energy to aid the development of your baby’s nerve, muscle and heart function. 

So How Do You Meet These Extra Nutritional Requirements?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘eating for two’ – and sometimes you’ll really feel like that’s what you’re doing. However, it’s important that you eat healthily at this time so you can give your growing baby (and you) all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to become strong and healthy. But, sometimes it can be difficult to do – especially if you’re craving sweets and carbs. Relying on diet alone, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle, often doesn’t cut it. 

Say Hello to PregmaPlus+ 2 

At NutraCare, we understand the demands placed on expectant mothers during the second and third trimester and so we developed a supplement that will not only meet your nutritional needs but help with your energy levels and give you your pregnancy glow! When you take PregmaPlus+ 2 in conjunction with a balanced diet you can rest assured that all your nutritional needs are being met. Formulated with elevated levels of low-constipation iron, we give you the energy you need to keep going! 

Expectant mums love how easy it is to get the extra nutrition they need for a healthy pregnancy during the second trimester from PregmaPlus+ 2 – and one of the things they love the most is that it’s soluble. This means the powder can be added to water as a drink, or you can slip it into a healthy morning smoothie or even stir it into your favourite dessert! Who said that taking supplements had to be boring or a chore! With our supplements, there’s no need to ever swallow a pill again – and as up to 30% of us have difficulty swallowing pills, we think it’s a big PregmaPlus+! It’s even available in convenient sachets so you can take your supplements with you when you’re on the go! 

We believe in the Power of Nurture. Choosing PregmaPlus+ supplements will give you the strength and energy you need to make the most of the roller coaster adventure of pregnancy.

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