The immune system is the body’s natural defence mechanism, it helps defend the body from infection.

Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein found in milk and is also an important natural component of every person’s immune system - it is an important protein found naturally in human and cow’s milk and in other “protective” fluids produced by the body such as tears and saliva. Lactoferrin is a natural component of every person’s “immune defences” system - abundant in mother’s breast milk, where quantities are at their peak in early milk.

Lactoferrin is ideal for healthy gut & immune function and has been extensively studied and evaluated in over 80 clinical studies. It shows no adverse reactions established in trials in adults, children, and infants and is consumed worldwide in over 50 countries.

In early life nutrition, extensive research supports the important role lactoferrin plays as a key dietary protein.

From birth, an infant’s natural source of lactoferrin is breast milk, providing a baby optimal nutrition and immune protection to keep them healthy during the first 1000 days and beyond.

As a baby’s nutrition extends beyond breast milk, maintaining a healthy intake of lactoferrin protein helps support a child’s gut-immune function.

The gut lining is the physical barrier between a baby’s body and the outside world and Lactoferrin assists the immune cells that make up this lining to keep it working smoothly.

Research shows maintaining healthy lactoferrin levels help supports the immune system to function and defend the body from infection.

LactoPlus+ Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin formulated milk powder made with Colostrum & GOS prebiotics.


What’s so unique about LactoPlus+ Lactoferrin Formulated Milk Powder?

LactoPlus+ is not just lactoferrin, but formulated with milk powder, colostrum and GOS prebiotics in one formulation for the convenience of the whole family. LactoPlus+ is suitable for all ages.

How will I know LactoPlus+ is safe?

LactoPlus+ is manufactured in a factory certified with a Food Safety ISO 22000 certification in Australia.There are no added colours, flavours, preservatives or table sugars in the product.

Tell me more about LactoPlus+ bioavailability.

There are only four ingredients: Skim milk, colostrum, GOS prebiotics and lactoferrin. We give you what you need and nothing more!

Is LactoPlus+ easy to use?

LactoPlus+ is ready for consumption in less than a minute. Simply just stir and drink straight from a glass of water or blend into your breakfast smoothie or into baby’s bottle or food for immunity boost on the go! To cater for busy mums, we have developed on-the-go sachets where you can pop into your handbag for convenience!

I am currently not pregnant but trying to have a baby. Can I take LactoPlus+?

Yes, consumption of lactoferrin boost immunity and we would recommend adding LactoPlus+ as part of a balanced diet before, during and post pregnancy as your body can take a little time to absorb nutrients.

How often should I take LactoPlus+?

We recommend half a sachet for infant, 1 sachet for children and 2 sachets for adults. Simply add sachet to 60ml of liquid.

Is LactoPlus+ suitable for vegetarian/ vegan?

As LactoPlus+ consists skim milk, it is not suitable for vegetarian or vegan.

What are the important notices that I should be aware of?

Do not heat the prepared milk powder in the microwave. It is not suitable to be mixed with boiling hot water.

What are the allergens warning?

LactoPlus+ contains milk and dairy products.

Is LactoPlus+ Australian Owned and Made?

LactoPlus+ is proudly 100% Australian Owned and Made.