Prenatal Vitamins

PregmaPlus+ 2

3 tins for 1 month supply.

PregmaPlus+ 2

1 tin for 10 day supply.

PregmaPlus+ 2

15 sachets for 1 week supply.

PregmaPlus+ 2

9 tins for 1 trimester supply.

How Do Our Prenatal Vitamins Work?

At NutraCare, we have specially formulated a prenatal supplement in Australia to suit women of childbearing age. Rather than taking prenatal vitamins in tablet form, we have a soluble supplement that is designed to dissolve easily into water, drinks, smoothies and scientifically formulated to support your body as it prepares for pregnancy and also in the first stage of your pregnancy. Not only does it contain folic acid, but it also has iron, iodine and calcium, which are essential for your body and will give you the best start to your pregnancy.

To use, take the pregnancy supplement powder and mix it into 250 ml of water. Make sure you shake the drink until all the powder has dissolved, and then drink two serves per day. These liquid prenatal vitamins mean that you can get what you need, and they are perfect for women who struggle with swallowing tablets. Our liquid prenatal vitamins are also made with DHA, which helps your baby's brain, eyes and nervous system to develop healthily.

How Parental Vitamins Helps In Continued Care For Your Pregnancy

After your first trimester, you can continue to provide all the vitamins and nutrients that you and your baby need with our PregmaPlus+. Your nutritional needs change throughout pregnancy, but NutraCare is here for each stage. Our Pregma Plus+ soluble supplement contains the highest combination of iron, calcium, Vitamin C, FOS (prebiotics), 50% elevated levels of vitamin D and contains 19 essential vitamins and minerals, which all supports your baby as he or she continues to grow in your womb.

You will also start to see more changes in your body as you enter your second trimester. You may find your tummy expanding and your breasts swelling, among others. The scientific formulas that we use in our Stage 2 supplements work with your changing nutritional requirements, and they help you grow a healthy baby. These should be taken right up until you give birth to your baby. Like our Stage 1 preconception supplements, take it twice a day, usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening.

Why Buy Prenatal Supplements From NutraCare

At NutraCare, our liquid prenatal vitamins can help you as you plan your journey to parenthood, throughout pregnancy and beyond. When your order comes to $99.95 or more, you can enjoy free delivery throughout Australia. Why not buy nutritional supplements for your whole family and help everyone to feel better? If you have any questions about any of our pregnancy supplements or any of our products, you can get in contact with us, and we would be happy to answer them.