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Keep Your Energy Levels Up During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

Keep Your Energy Levels Up During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

02 August 2021 | Pregnancy

You’re through the first twelve weeks of pregnancy and you’re now ready to tell the world that you’re expecting....

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Is Ginger and Vitamin B6 Good for Morning Sickness in the First Trimester? 

Is Ginger and Vitamin B6 Good for Morning Sickness in the First Trimester? 

02 August 2021 | Pregnancy

You’ve taken the test and confirmed that you’re pregnant. It’s such a thrilling time that’s for sure. But then...

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The Importance of Folic Acid in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

The Importance of Folic Acid in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

02 August 2021 | Pregnancy

iting time! It’s hardly surprising that your imagination starts to run away with you. Will you have a boy...

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Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

07 May 2021 | Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big change for a woman’s body – growing another human is hard work – so preparing...

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When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

14 April 2021 | Pregnancy

If you think you might be pregnant, choosing when to take a pregnancy test to get the most accurate...

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Preparing for Pregnancy – Both Physically and Mentally

Preparing for Pregnancy – Both Physically and Mentally

10 March 2021 | Pregnancy

For both parents, pregnancy can have a wide-ranging impact on your life. From time to finances, a baby is...

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Dani King

With Sam in her 2nd trimester and myself coming into my 3rd we've been using the NutraCare PregmaPlus+ Stage 2 sachets for essential nutritional support for both ourselves and baby!! 👶🏼 We both lead super busy lifestyles, and still exercise regularly, so it is vital that we have a supplement to support a healthy pregnancy. The sachets are so handy when on the go! I simply add the sachet into my water bottle and off I go, or simply add to my morning smoothie or smoothie bowl!

Natalie Sullivan

Don’t you love a supplement that isn’t a tablet and actually tastes good? 😍 This pregnancy I have been taking @nutracarelife PregmaPlus+ to help support my body and my baby. They have two stages... Stage 1 is for preconception and the first trimester and includes Ginger & Vitamin B6 to assist with morning sickness relief. Stage 2 is for the second and third trimesters and includes increased calcium, vitamin D, DHA, iodine and iron. Potential low iron is my particular concern with this pregnancy so I feel really supported taking this product.


The silly season is in full swing and we are so ready for all the excitement that comes with it! I have started to incorporate @nutracarelife ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops into Isaiah’s morning milk to help build immunity and contribute to healthy digestion ready for the lead up to the holidays!

I love how these drops are free from colours, flavours, artificial sweeteners and preservatives - so you can add it on a spoon alongside food or drinks without any fuss!

Sam Bonnor

Hallelujah to @nutracarelife PregmaPlus+. I’m now 19 weeks and I have only just started to feel good. I have been so queasy up until now and it makes eating the right foods so hard, but thanks to PregmaPlus+ Stage 2 I have managed to keep my body in check with its much needed vitamins + minerals. I usually put it into my water and sip through the day but now I am stomaching smoothies, I have been adding it to that! Having sachets is so convenient, especially if you’re someone like me who hates swallowing tablets. I am all for having the healthiest pregnancy you can have and taking this supplement gives me peace of mind knowing that I am covering mine and my baby’s needs


What do you use when your little one/s have an upset tummy? I’ve been using @nutracarelife ProBio Plus Infant for Micah and Mabel. It also helps eases wind. With Micah, I just add it to the inside of his mouth when drinking his bottle and Mabel when she is enjoying her juice! How easy is that.


Lets talk “Gut Health”. Since being a newborn Morgan has suffered with gut health issues. From colic to constipation, to not tolerating certain foods (mostly dairy). From a very young age, I have given her a probiotic of some sort to try and maintain a healthy gut, but it’s not always an easy thing to do with a child that hates taking medication. I recently found and have been trialling @nutracarelife ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops. The formula is flavour free, super easy to administer and is scientifically designed to ensure the live microorganisms survive until they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract where they’re needed most. @nutracarelife ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops help make you stronger from the inside out. I have been adding the drops to Morgan’s cereal during breakfast and she is none the wiser 🙊🙊🙊 .

Aimee Everson

If you remember my post a little while back about Bellarose and her tummy giving her grief...well now I’m super excited because I have found NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops; it’s flavour free, really easy to administer and scientifically formulated to ensure the live microorganisms survive until they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract where they’re needed most! I love that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can be consumed on its own, in beverages or with food – I literally just put the drops on Bellaroses tongue and done 🙈 so easy. Look at that sweet happy face ☺️

Natalie Sullivan

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, check out my stories this morning where I show you my favourite breakfast. It’s not only great for me but good for my baby as well. I pop my daily dose of PregmaPlus+ Stage 2 into a delicious Banana and Strawberry smoothie, that’s full of goodies. Pregma Plus Stage Two supports us both by combining all of the essential vitamins and minerals for the second and third trimesters. This includes DHA which is critical for foetal brain development and vitamin D to support bone development in later stages of pregnancy.


As a busy Mum of 3 young children I do whatever I can to keep them healthy, so when I recently discovered NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops I decided to give them a try to support the kids immune systems. I simply give Hudson his drops on a spoon alongside his morning milk or breakfast smoothie and he is none the wiser as they’re flavourless, making them perfect for even the fussiest kids!


These two are so adorable, Sonny is such a loving older brother, he is busy explaining to Audrey about his "magic potion" that goes into his fruit smoothie. Since Sonny was two we've had ongoing issues with gastrointestinal problems and whilst the straining times have been resolved, we really like to make sure we are helping to support his inner health. These ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops by @nutracarelife are a great way to help keep the immune system healthy, and the best part about these probiotics is that they're flavour free and easy to administer! I can add the drops to a smoothie or I can put the drops straight onto a spoon. Happy days!! ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops help make you stronger from the inside out, so it's definitely peace of mind knowing Sonny is feeling healthy and comfortable!


I’ve made no secret of my struggles with trying to get Mila to take ANY sort of medicine or vitamin!! 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂 This kid could taste any difference in her normal food or drink a mile away, until we found @nutracarelife ProBioPlus+ Child drops 👏🏼 The NutraCare formula is completely tasteless and SO easy to administer, plus it doesn’t have to be refrigerated! I just add 8 drops to Mila's smoothie, and she hasn’t noticed it once! 😉ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops help make you stronger from the inside out, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone👌🏻

Melanie Malatinec

Our family was struck with a gastro bug Mila picked up at school last week, and as any of you other mums would know that when one kid gets gastro we all end up with it 😰 we are finally all feeling better! Mila and I are both smiling today because I've just discovered @nutracarelife ProBioPlus + probiotic drops and what I love most is that it's flavour free, easy to administer and designed to ensure that the live microorganisms survive until they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract where they're needed most! It doesn't need to be refrigerated so we can take it with us on our holiday next week and it can be consumed on its own, alongside beverages or with food - making it fuss free and perfect for the whole family!


Oh my gorgeous girl! Always my smiling angel. I’m not sure about you but the end of the year has seriously taken its toll on my kids. Through winter and into summer I’m a big believer in helping my kids get through these seasons by helping them get stronger from the inside out.

Sam Bonnor

Being able to do this pregnancy with my sis @danibonnor has been the best! It’s been so great to bounce off each other with how we are feeling, moving our bodies and how we are filling up our bodies with the best nutrients. Thankfully @nutracarelife PregmaPlus+ has made getting all the nutrients that bub and I need easy! We are both using Stage 2 whilst in our second trimester because it supports our bub's extra need for iron, calcium, vitamin D and DHA and we're loving just how easy it is to add into our everyday life

Jo & Chris

My little Joshie is so cheeky and definitely keeping me on my toes at the moment! The poor little man has often unfortunately suffered with wind and an unsettled tummy, so I’m happy I’ve come across NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Probiotics Drops. I just simply add the drops on a spoon when drinking his morning milk - he doesn’t even mind as they are taste free. Since starting Joshie on the drops he has stopped saying his tummy hurts! I’m so glad I’m seeing that ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops is helping to make him stronger from the inside out.

Jess Faulkner

These two, melting my heart daily with their sweetness! 💖
As you know I’ve been using @nutracarelife ProBioPlus+ probiotics for Minka, but also for the whole family. They have infant, child and adult drops and we are all feeling great since having them! The drops are taste free and Minka is happy to have it straight off the spoon but with Archie I need to be a little sneakier! One of the sneaky ways like to get him to have it is by adding it into healthy, yummy home made iceblocks 🤫


With Nolan going to kinder and likely to bring home germs at some point, we wanted to help support his little sister’s immune system. That’s why we’ve been giving Lea the NutraCare ProBioPlus Infant Probiotic Drops for a few weeks now. Not only is it a great way to promote her immunity but it also contributes to healthy digestion and support her tummy health. What I love about this, is that it’s tasteless and super easy to give to her - I just add a few drops on a spoon to her porridge or breakfast cereals in the morning. Plus it contains no flavours, colours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and is low in sugar - which is a big plus for me.


After taking medication for nearly 2 decades for a long term illness, I know all too well how important it is for us to maintain good gut health. I have struggled to find a product for the kids to support their tummy health and assist in balancing good and bad bacteria that they will actually take.

Thankfully Nutra Care ProBioPlus+ Child Probiotic Drops is a taste-free formula that can be taken daily without any fuss. I just pop the recommended amount on a spoon when they drink their smoothie 🙌. ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops from @nutracarelife help make you stonger from the inside out!


I love to find products that help keep the kids healthy and to have a healthy gut and help support their immune system. I have just recently discovered @nutracarelife NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Child Probiotic Drops. I love how easy they are to give to the kiddies and what makes it especially great is its taste-free formula and how the simple delivery system can be administered to children who are fussy about taking medication.


I want my babies to forever be healthy and happy.. don’t we all? 😆 The last thing I want is for them to get sick while we go on holidays. To prevent this, I have been using NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops to set them up a with a healthy gut. Probiotics are used to replenish good bacteria in the body. I have also noticed a massive improvement in Tucker’s eczema since giving him probiotics.

NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops makes you stronger from the inside out! It is scientifically designed to ensure the live microorganisms survive until they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract where they’re needed most.. It is flavour free and super easy to administer, I just give it to the boys when they drink their milk or smoothie. Happy healthy kids = happy mum.


With Aaliyah experiencing gastrointestinal issues, we’ve turned to using @nutracarelife ProBioPlus+ Child Probiotic Drops for healthier digestion & immunity! With its taste-free formula, it’s perfect as I can add it to her morning milk or even in her porridge! Best of all, the formulas don’t need to be refrigerated! ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops help make you stronger from the inside out! 🧡🙌


With Kayla going back to daycare, I need to make sure her health and immune system is supported as much as possible. She’s already had gastro in the past and we all know how quickly that can spread!! I’ve stared giving Kayla, ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops for children.

All I do is add 8 drops on her tongue before drinking a cup of water, and after a play on the trampoline she drinks the flavour free formula without a fuss!

ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops will help make her stronger from the inside out.


My son eats a balanced diet but sometimes he complains that his belly hurts. This week my son was getting belly cramps, so I was looking for probiotics which could help him. I bought for him the NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Child Probiotic Drops because they have no flavour, colour, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. In addition, they are easy to administer formula, scientifically designed to ensure the live microorganisms survive until they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract where they’re needed most.

What are probiotics? They are live microorganisms, often referred to as good bacteria as they assist healthy gut. My son loves fresh orange juice so I add the drops of NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Child Probiotic Drops when he drinks that. It is great as the drops have no flavour and taken with anything. He has been feeling better so ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops must be helping him be stronger from the inside out.

Sarah Jade

Isn’t that smile just worth it.

I can’t believe how through all the last couple of weeks of me being violently ill, in hospital, him still cutting that first tooth, and Christmas craziness, here he is still smiling. He is the biggest trooper and his little personality is just cheekily shining through.

When I was at the @pbcexpo I came across @nutracarelife ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops (not to mention I had a wonderful friend working on their stand) and I had been talking to them about Auggie’s reflux, so I got to take some home to try. Not only do I think they helped (I have tried almost all brands & formulas under the sun for infant probiotics) but now that I’ve been so unwell (plus Arthur on and off as well lately) these have been great to just make sure his gut health is healthy & happy. He loves the drops and sticks his tongue out when I have the bottle. It’s been a nice addition to his reflux medication and the days that we forget to give him his probiotic drops, we definitely notice a difference.

My experience with #probiotics this time round with Auggie is that I prefer the drops, as it's easy to just drop them in before/during a feed, in food or in the popper of an expressed bottle. With powders, we had to wait until we had an expressed bottle, which was just to hard to manage in day to day life. And these drops are so much higher CFU dosage than other branded drops. Plus there's no need for them to be kept in the fridge so it’s a win-win

Jess Faulkner

Minka has always had tummy issues since she was born, she had reflux badly for the first six months. She’s now always complaining of a sore tummy. I took her to the Dr recently to get it all checked out and she ended up having a parasite and showed signs of inflammation which we will be keeping an eye on. It is therefore really important to me to do all I can to help support her gut health. So I recently started her on ProBioPlus+ Child ProBiotic drops by @nutracarelife to help.

It is a taste free formula so she is happy to take it straight off a spoon which is so convenient, otherwise I also like adding it into her smoothies. Her tummy seems to be a lot happier now! 😊

Larissa Rankine

There’s nothing worse than an upset tummy - except seeing your little ones suffer from one. Thankfully I recently discovered NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops for infant and child! Scientifically formulated to ensure the live microorganisms survive until they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract - which is where they are most needed. AND they are flavour free, and super easy to administer. You can put a few drops on your baby/child’s tongue, or mix in with food or taken alongside a drink - so even the fussiest of kids will be able to take. Happy tums certainly equals a happy mum!


Some of you might have seen our stories not so long ago sharing how sick my 2 little babes were over a lengthy 2 week period. They were unfortunately struck down with a horrible bout of gastro from water contamination 😱

Since then, they've been on a clean diet and #probiotics to help with their gut health!

Just recently we found the new ProBioPlus Probiotic Drops which are flavour-free and can easily be given on a spoon 👌

Summar Mouawad

Always want to see my baby happy 😊 we’ve been using NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotics Drops to assist his gut health! I just put a few drops on his tongue, it's super easy and flavour free so there's no fuss. ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops help make you stronger from the inside out 🤗

Jo & Chris

Nothing beats the beautiful bond between these two and it hurts to see either of them feeling sick! Especially when Bella may be more susceptible to viruses or germs that Noah may pick up from kinder. So I’ve started giving Bella the NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops to help with strengthening her immunity and promote healthy digestion. Just a few drops to her milk or baby cereals every morning is all I do for a stronger and healthier bub from the inside out! 🙌.

Andy O

You know what’s a pain in the butt? Gastro. Yep, that pun was intended.

All the girls have had a bout with gastro during their baby days right around the age Micah is right now.

Our girls are usually so fussy taking medicine that it’s actually easier to catch flies with our pinkies, so giving Micah some @nutracarelife Infant ProBio Plus (with its taste free formula) has been such a breeze in comparison.

Priyanka Saha

Yesterday I caught Jasper trying to eat a wood chip and while I’m hopeful we have moved on from the possum poo ingestion incident (let’s call it possum gate), I’m not convinced we are out of the woods 😂. So I’ve been on the hunt for ways to keep his little tummy happy and healthy. I recently bought some @nutracarelife ProBioPlus+ Child Probiotic Drops which I add to Jasper's morning smoothies. The drops are flavour free so he doesn’t even notice them. Having tried most of the probiotic options out there, between Jasper and Lily, I think that ProBioPlus+ Probiotic Drops are hands down the easiest to get into a fussy toddler or baby.

Dani King

As your pregnancy progresses, your nutrition needs change! What you need will be different from pre conception to your 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimesters! We’ve found that @nutracarelife uniquely supports these changing needs over the course of pregnancy and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Since hitting our 2nd trimester we’ve been using the PregmaPlus+ Stage 2 which supports 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Our bubs are growing at a rapid rate now so the increased need for iron, calcium, vitamin D and DHA is vital! We simply pop our sachets into our morning smoothie bowl or simply add to water!

Jess Faulkner

So grateful to have a beautiful australian company supporting us throughout our pregnancy journey and beyond @nutracarelife 🌱

I've been using their PREGMA PLUS SUPPLEMENT throughout my second and third trimester and am excited to incorporare their PROBIOTIC DROPS into our daily self care routine aswell as our beautiful bubs.

✔ australian owned and made
✔ science based
✔ promote and support wellbeing of families
✔ preservative FREE
✔ non GMO
✔ NO flavours, colours, artificial sweeteners
✔ gluten, dairy, lactose, peanut, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seed, fish, crustacean and lupin FREE

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