PregmaPlus+ 2 2nd & 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Supplement

15x35g Sachets 1 Week Supply

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  • Specifically formulated for 2nd & 3rd trimester
  • Elevated DHA & Calcium to boost your baby's development
  • Vitamin C, Iron & Calcium helps you stay strong and healthy
  • 100% soluble - no pills to swallow!
  • Recommended by leading nutritionists
Ingredients +

Skim Milk, Dietary Fiber (FOS), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Iron (Ferrous fumarate), Zinc sulphate, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium carbonate, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin A Acetate, Cholecalciferol, D-alpha-Tocopherol, Phytonadione, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Cyanocobalamin, Niacinamide, Folic Acid, D-calcium Pantothenate, Sodium Ascorbate. NO ADDED COLOURS, FLAVOURS, PRESERVATIVES OR TABLE SUGARS

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Backed By Leading
Nutritionists & Dietitians

14-Day Satisfaction

Trusted By
Aussie Mums

Australian Made
& Owned

For 2nd & 3rd Trimester

Food Safety

Help Your Baby Develop Safely So They Have A Healthy Start In Life, For Less Than A Latte A Day!

Significant changes occur during your second and third trimester – your baby’s brain and spinal cord will be more developed, and their bones will have started to grow. This rapid development makes it more important than ever to keep up with your nutritional demands. For the price of less than a latte a day!

PregmaPlus+ 2 has been developed specifically to meet your changing dietary requirements for the remainder of your pregnancy. You’ll help your little one develop safely and give them the best possible chance to make a healthy start in life! Stronger You, Stronger Baby.

Elevated Iron Levels Will Give You More Energy To Meet The Growing Demands Of 2nd & 3rd Trimester

During your 2nd and 3rd trimester, your tummy will expand and you’ll notice an increase in appetite as your baby’s growth accelerates. It can be challenging to meet your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals during this time if you rely on diet alone, especially with a busy lifestyle.

Combined with a balanced diet, PregmaPlus+ 2 will help you meet your nutritional needs. It contains elevated levels of low-constipation iron to give you enough energy to cope with the third stage of pregnancy – without the uncomfortable toilet visits.

Stay Healthy And Well-Nourished WITHOUT Having To Swallow Pills

Sick of having to swallow pills every day to meet your pregnancy nutritional requirements? We’ve got you covered! PregmaPlus+ is the FIRST multi-stage soluble pregnancy supplement anywhere in Australia.

All you have to do is mix the powder with water or slip it into your breakfast smoothie or favourite dessert. You’ll stay well-nourished and provide a nutritional haven for your baby to thrive – without having to swallow a pill ever again!

The Safest, Simplest Way To Help Your Baby Grow Big And Strong

PregmaPlus+ 2 has been scientifically formulated using the highest ingredients available – right here in Australia. Not only is it backed by leading nutritionists and dieticians, but it’s also trusted by countless mums across the country!

Plus, its elevated levels of DHA which has been shown to assist in baby’s brain development during the 3rd trimester, as well as calcium for strong, healthy bones. There is no safer or simpler way to nourish you and your baby during your 2nd and 3rd trimester. You’ll provide your little one with the healthy environment they need to grow and develop safely before they’re born.

Rise And Shine With

Ready in less than a minute. Stir and drink straight from a glass of water or blend into your breakfast smoothie for pregnancy nutrition on the go.

Or On-The Go!

Aussie Mums Are Raving About PregmaPlus+…

Full To The Brim With The 19 Vitamins And Minerals You And Your Baby Need For 2nd & 3rd Trimester

Folic Acid

Plays a role in preventing birth defects of the neural tube where your baby’s brain and spinal cord form.


An omega-3 fatty acid to assist in your baby’s brain development and motor skills.

Vitamin C

Helps build a good immunity system and enhances development of your baby’s bones and teeth.

Vitamin B5

Helps your body to release stress-relieving hormones and prevent pregnancy-related muscle cramps.

Vitamin B12

Works with folic acid supplementation during pregnancy to prevent birth defects of your baby’s central nervous system such as spina bifida.

Vitamin B6

Essential to your baby's brain development and immune function. Works with ginger to help reduce nausea and vomiting too.

Vitamin B2

Helps in the absorption of iron during pregnancy, and plays a role in your baby’s bones, nervous system, and muscle development.

Vitamin B1

Helps your body convert carbs into energy that gets passed onto the development of your baby’s nerve, muscle and heart function.

Vitamin E

As antioxidants, vitamins E and C work together to help prevent chemical imbalances in your body.

Vitamin A

Taking the recommended dose of Vitamin A while pregnant contributes to your baby’s bone development and eye health.

Vitamin K1

Supplementing with Vitamin K1 during pregnancy can assist with blood clotting or bleeding disorders at birth.

Vitamin D

Assists the body in calcium and phosphorus absorption, both contributing to your baby’s formation of strong bones and teeth.


Helps maintain healthy teeth and bones for you and your baby. This mineral relies on Vitamin D to be properly absorbed by your body.


A healthy intake of salt while pregnant can help keep your blood volume and other fluids in check, especially in your early stages.


A mineral that plays an important role in your immune, nerve and muscle function.


Essential for energy and red blood cell production, to provide oxygen and carry nutrients to your baby.


Plays an essential role in the construction of your baby’s cells and DNA during pregnancy.


Essential for maternal thyroid hormone production and helps to ensure healthy brain development and growth of your baby’s organs.

Dietary Fibre-Fos

A prebiotic type of fibre that stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your large intestine for overall gut health.

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Our 14-Day Satisfaction

NutraCare believes in the power of nurture. We truly care about the health and wellness of you and your baby – which is why all our supplements have been scientifically formulated and are trusted by leading nutritionists and dieticians around Australia. We’re so confident in the quality of our products, we back each one with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event you’re not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, simply return it in the first 14 days from dispatch of your order and we’ll refund you.
That’s our promise to you.*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lizelle Golightly
I love it! Best purchase

Due to nausea and pregnancy in general 🙄, swallowing tablets is not an option if I want to feel normal. This is a great alternative and tastes good too ✨ Sometimes I add a shot of decaf in the morning, and I’m ready for the day!

Christina Thompson
Really loved these during pregnancy

I started with the samples and didn't think i would end up liking these or even wanting to buy them. I was wrong and LOVED them.
I bought some sachets on special and they were buy one get one free on a box. These were great for my smoothies and just an afternoon drink with water. I ran out on them in my last week of pregnancy I was gutted!
I would love to see some 4th trimester products. I would add my own collagen in but would be nice to selection of extras added to the mix. I has morning sickness throughout pregnancy, i don't think it helped so much but i continued to take and cant complain :)

So glad I brought this!

Assists in a healthy weight gain during pregnancy while providing all the right nutrients for yourself & bub!!

Awesome product

Very happy with this product. It is amazing that you can have a drink instead of tablets that are impossible to swallow. Would definitely recommend this product if you can not swallow multivitamin tablets it's amazing, thank you.

Tastes very nice!

Great Product. I use the powder with water and frozen berries.

It's a great product

I really like it.


What’s so unique about PregmaPlus+ Maternity Supplement?

PregmaPlus+ is Australia’s first multi-stage soluble pregnancy supplement with ingredients scientifically formulated by stages to cater for Pre-conception & 1st Trimester to 2nd & 3rd Trimester. We understand your nutrients need changes throughout different stages of pregnancy and no one formulation is adequate enough to support all nutrients required throughout the whole pregnancy.

How will I know PregmaPlus+ is safe?

PregmaPlus+ are manufactured in factories certified with a Food Safety ISO 22000 certification in Australia.There are no added colours, flavours, preservatives or table sugars in the product.We have the tick of approval by Australian health care professionals.

Tell me more about PregmaPlus+ bioavailability.

Our scientifically formulated supplements are designed to deliver the amount of vitamins and minerals in levels able to be absorbed by most women. We give you what you need and nothing more!

Is PregmaPlus+ easy to use?

PregmaPlus+ is ready for consumption in less than a minute. Simply just stir and drink straight from a glass of water or blend into your breakfast smoothie for pregnancy nutrition on the go! To cater for busy mums, we have developed on-the-go sachets where you can pop into your handbag for convenience.

I am currently not pregnant but trying to have a baby. Can I take PregmaPlus+?

Yes, we recommend consumption of PregmaPlus+ 1 three months prior to conception as your body can take a little time to absorb nutrients for both you and your growing baby.

How often should I take PregmaPlus+?

We recommend 2 servings per day. For Tin, simply add 4 level scoops of powder to 250ml of liquid. For Sachets, simply add 1 sachet to 250ml of liquid. Both twice per day.

Can I take PregmaPlus+ with other pregnancy supplements?

PregmaPlus+ has been scientifically formulated with up to 21 different nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support women in their pregnancy journey. As such, we do not recommend consuming PregmaPlus+ with other additional pregnancy supplements. We always recommend to always consult with your GP/ dietician if there’s any concern.

I have morning sickness but in second trimester. Is it ok for me continue using PregmaPlus+ 1?

In general, we recommend consuming 2 but we have customers who continue using PregmaPlus+ 1 as it consists Active Morning Sickness which they have found tremendous help in relieving their morning sickness. Few weeks into second trimester, they then switch to consuming PregmaPlus+ 2.

Is PregmaPlus+ suitable for vegetarian/ vegan?

As PregmaPlus+ consists skim milk, it is not suitable for vegetarian or vegan.

What are the important notices that I should be aware of?

Do not heat the prepared milk powder in the microwave. It is not suitable to be mixed with boiling hot water.

What are the allergens warning?

PregmaPlus+ contains milk and dairy products.

Is PregmaPlus+ Australian Owned and Made?

PregmaPlus+ is proudly 100% Australian Owned and Made.

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